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Legal Guidance

Areas of Practice


Whether you need an expert defense in a court case or you are filing a suit on behalf of your business, we can provide the legal assistance you require to seek justice. Our lawyers have provided exceptional litigation representation for both businesses and individuals for more than 30 years and can provide the kind of professional representation you or your company needs.

real estate 

Real Estate is one of the most precious commodities that we have in today's world, and safeguarding your investment is crucial to the success of all parties. We have 30 years of experience representing clients in structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing real estate transactions in both commercial and residential fields. We advise and represent sellers and buyers in real property purchase, sale transactions as well as tenants and landlords in both commercial and residential. Our extensive experience in real estate has given us the necessary tools to advise and guide our clients to obtain success.  


Probate is the legal term used for the process of distributing the property of an individual by will or without a will, which in most cases is a long process. When family members and legal benefactors argue over the deceased’s property and assets, they often feel they are entitled to certain material possessions that fall under dispute. Your best path of action to guarantee that you receive what is rightfully yours,  is to hire an attorney to help you through the Probate Court legal process.

Personal injury 

When you or a loved one is involved in an accident, it is wise to consult an attorney for information involving the claim process or litigation process for personal injuries.   With years of  litigation experience, coupled with a background working for a major insurance company, we are able to offer the best representation possible while helping you navigate the perils associated with an accident claim.  Always seek legal counsel before signing any legal documents. 

Estate Planning

Proper Estate Planning can prepare you and your family for life's unknown. Making the responsible choice to ensure your assets and affairs are in order and properly distributed is essential to the well being of those left behind. Ensuring that you and your family have taken the proper steps can attest that the disbursement of the estate stays out of court.  We can prepare documents such as a will, trust, power of attorney for healthcare to make certain your wishes are followed.